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Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza

… High-visibility Sponsorship Opportunities

Chicago's premier business networking event offers awareness-building opportunities for you/your business.

Being associated with the Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza and its co-producers, Lillian Bjorseth and Jason Jacobsohn, will enhance your reputation in the Chicago-area relationship-building community. So whether you have a business in Chicago or its suburbs or want to do business here, a GCNE sponsorship can increase your chances!

Four Levels of Sponsorship

1 minute "commercial" at event      
Name listed w/ 100-word description in program      
Name listed w/ 50-word description in program      
Name only listed in program    
Materials distributed to attendees    
Name listed on event signage
Recognition in pre-event PR efforts
GCNE website listing/link
Exhibit table at event
List of attendees
Complimentary "xx" copies of Lillian's book, Breakthrough Networking 4 2  N/A  N/A
Complimentary admission for "xx" people 6 3 2 1


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