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Events and Experts to Help You Grow Your Network and Relationship-building Skills

Networking is an art and science based on skills that can be learned, honed and polished.

Lillian Bjorseth and Jason Jacobsohn… synonymous with relationship building and connecting people in the Chicago area … have dedicated their careers to helping you improve the number one marketing tool: word-of-mouth.

Lillian and Jason are well known for the Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza. They are equally well known for their professional presentations as speakers, trainers and coaches where they help you develop relationship-building skills par excellence ... whether you are an entrepreneur or an association or corporate employee, manager or top management.

They also are becoming well known for creating and producing other events specifically for entrepreneurs, women over 50 and younger professionals who will be tomorrow's leaders.

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  • Many of us believe that we have heard or know everything there is to know about the power of business networking. Put those beliefs to the back of your mind until you have had the opportunity to hear Lillian speak. Lillian is a breath of fresh air in the networking venue and brings ideas and actions that you can implement immediately. Lillian is engaged and engaging and is a premier speaker on the impacts of business networking and communications.

    Les Harper, Independent HR Consultant
  • Lillian is without question one of the most brilliant and charismatic speakers I’ve met. Her ability to personally connect with every member of her audience is truly remarkable. Couple this with Lillian’s talent for connecting people, and you have someone who can light rocket engines under any business!

    Jim Feltman, MiracleCord, Inc.
  • Lillian is a very dynamic speaker. She motivates an audience to get out of their chairs and participate. Her expertise in social networking allows people to build long lasting relationships that are necessary in both the business world and their personal life. Do yourself a favor and see her live … if you can’t, at least pick up a copy of her book.

    Terry Martin, eCommerce Marketing Consultant
  • The Greater Chicago Networking Extravaganza is one of those events I highly anticipate and plan to attend every year. It is run by two of the most well-connected and knowledgeable teams in Chicago: Jason Jacobsohn and Lillian Bjorseth. Each year they deliver a fun and informative networking event with a format that allows me to meet at least 20 high-caliber connections. The event quality also makes it a good sponsorship opportunity and elevates your company’s brand by introducing you to a diverse crowd of high-quality professionals. See you there in 2011!

    Jeffrey Mitchell, Chicago Networking Examiner